Conversion Clients

Pentecom’s Satisfied Clients



  • Illustrated Parts Data to XML Conversion
  • XML compliant to S1000D
  • Developed customized conversion automation to extract PowerPoint data and Group IV TIFF images
  • Applied automation to convert data to XML modules
  • Quality checked resulting XML using XSL-FO stylesheets



  • PDF to Word Conversion
  • Converted 25,000 pages of PDF data to editable MS Word
  • Extracted text from PDF images using proprietary OCR tool
  • Developed customized automated routines to replace manual tasks


  • Legacy paper documents to XML
  • Converted 38,000 hard copy pages to XML
  • Developed customized routines to replace manual tasks
  • Transformed XML docs using XSL stylesheets
  • Educated staff on stylesheet needs



  • Legacy paper documents to XML
  • Converted millions of hard copy pages to XML


Lockheed Martin

  • SGML Technical Manual Maintenance & Publishing
  • Converted 6,600 pages of Navy SGML manuals to IETMs
  • Updated to newer version of NAVSEA ETM SGML DTD
  • Updated SGML and cleaned up graphics
  • Parsed and corrected files to be compliant
  • SGML Technical Manual Maintenance & Publishing
  • Completed SGML cleanup and legacy updates for 6,000 pages of Navy technical manuals


Exxon Mobile

  • SGML to MS Word
  • Developed custom conversion routine to map SGML tags to Mobile standard publishing templates


TMS Sequoia

  • Word/RTF to ASCII
  • Converted 4,700 pages of Word to ASCII
  • Developed scripts for conversion process


Medical Manager

  • WordPerfect to Word
  • Converted 10,000 pages of WordPerfect to Word
  • Developed automated scripts for conversion process
  • Word Template Development
  • Developed Word templates and styles


Raytheon Aircraft

  • Customized Arbortext/SGML Training
  • Stylesheet Development
  • Developed FrameMaker templates, import/export rules and formatting specifications
  • Xyvision documents to FrameMaker+SGML
  • Converted 33,000 manual pages to military standard DTDs
  • Extracted texts using conversion automation scripts
  • Parsed and edited resulting SGML in Arbortext
  • Imported SGML to FrameMaker+SGML
  • Xyvision to FrameMaker+SGML
  • Converted 30,000 Xyvision pages to FrameMaker+SGML


PBM Associates

  • WordPerfect to SGML
  • Modified DTD to accommodate legacy document issues
  • Converted 16,000 pages of WordPerfect 5.1 to SGML
  • Hardcopy to Interleaf
  • Developed Interleaf stylesheet
  • Converted 1,500 pages of hardcopy manuals to Interleaf
  • Word and PDF to SGML
  • Converted 1,000 electronic pages to 3001 DTD



  • Hardcopy Medical Journals to SGML
  • Converted 35,000 pages of medical journals to SGML
  • Project completed on schedule and within budget



  • Conversion of Hard Copy Documents to PDF
  • Converted 2,624 pages of hard copy manuals to PDF
  • Project completed on schedule and within budget
  • Conversion of Hard Copy Documents to HTML
  • Conveted 1,000 service bulletins to HTML
  • Converted 8,000 hard copy pages to PDF


National Weather Service

  • Engineering Drawings to AutoCAD R14
  • Converted 300 engineering drawings from aperture cards to AutoCAD R14
  • WordPerfect to Interleaf
  • Converted 2,000 pages from WordPerfect to Interleaf


U.S. Bureau of Indian Affairs

  • Imaging Consulting
  • Helped develop detailed imaging study
  • Developed on-line implementation plan for imaging conversion operation
  • Developed operational procedures for imaging and conversion operation