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There are plenty of overseas vendors who do a great job at converting content, OCR-ing, digitizing, etc. But, for many reasons, shipping content overseas is not always a) an option or even, b) the best idea. What are some reasons a company would/should choose to convert data stateside?

  1. Data is Protected – From defense, to legal, to healthcare, some data is tightly protected, and sending it overseas for conversion or processing is prohibited.
  2. Keeping Jobs in the U.S. – Call us Patriotic, but we think keeping people employed and providing jobs is a great thing!
  3. Immediate contact – By having a vendor who is in the same time zone, or close to it, issues can be resolved quickly rather than waiting for the next day.
  4. QUALITY – This may, or may not, be much of a differentiator, as all conversion vendors live and die by the quality of their product. We have several contracts that require us to keep conversion errors to a microscopic miniumum. We pride ourselves in going beyond that requirement and measure our error rate by the last time one occurred (we recently went multiple months without a single reported error).

At Pentecom, we are carving out a niche in the conversion world, by providing onshore, “rural sourcing” conversion services. What you get with our services are top quality/low error rates, competitive pricing (there is a reason we are located in remote East Texas), a knowledgeable staff, and a commitment to getting the job done.

Do you have a conversion project that requires stateside conversion services? Want to work with a small company committed to quality and going the extra mile? Give us a call!


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