Defining Perfection

A requirement for high-quality data conversion
Achieved by gaining an understanding by setting aside time to review specific rules, having group discussions to review examples, and asking the right questions to clarify the issues.
The action or process of improving something until it is faultless or as faultless as possible.
The goal of accuracy demands a process that builds a strong understanding of the rules and procedures, minimizing manual effort as much as possible.

It’s all in the details! This commonly heard phrase rings so true in the technical data world. If you ever wanted to find a group of detailed-oriented individuals trained to scope out imperfections, start in Palestine, Texas.
Reducing the potential for mistakes requires automating manual processes to the fullest extent possible. As with any labor intensive process, this effort requires time and dedication; however, with each pass of the data and manual review, the chance for errors decreases and quality improves. This process is a continuous cycle of striving towards perfection through elimination of as much manual effort as possible.
Realistically, complete automation is not possible for every issue, and a percentage of manual effort will be required on projects. Of course, any time manual effort is required, a chance for mistakes always exists. With the ultimate goal of perfection in mind, alertness to errors which occur often times lead to discovery of how to avoid future mishaps.
Automation unleashes immense potential for project management and scope, and knowing you have a team of individuals dedicated to eliminating mistakes provides a sense of relief that is invaluable. The standard for near perfection at Pentecom is a very low margin of error at 12.5 for every 100,000 keystrokes we process. For 2017, we have passed all 36 weeks including 2 weeks with zero errors identified!
There is no need to recreate the wheel, when the work has already been done for you! Let Pentecom help your company strive for perfection. There is no better solution in the technical data world than ours!

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