How Near Shoring and Rural Sourcing Can Help You

“Near Shoring” or “Rural Outsourcing” are two somewhat trendy terms of late, effectively capturing the idea and goal of seeking business partners who are closer to home as opposed to half way around the world. The reason near shoring and rural outsourcing have emerged as trends are several, and rather obvious for those who have experienced the trials and tribulations of outsourcing portions of their business:


  • The ROI of outsourcing to India or The Philippines has diminished over the years
  • Quality continues to be an issue
  • Response times have always been an issue
  • Military, defense, healthcare and other protected data are often restricted, or prohibited, from being outsourced to another country


Frankly, we at Pentecom are surprised to find ourselves at the vanguard of this trend, as we have been “rural sourcing” for almost 20 years now! Pentecom started in 1997 in Palestine, TX, a small hamlet 2 hours east of Dallas, and a little over 2 hours north of Houston. While we cannot claim to be conveniently located, what we can claim is to be experts in a lot of highly technologically advanced areas including:


  • S1000D
  • Data Conversion


How we got to be experts in these fields is an interesting story… a combination of a previous career at NASA coupled with a relocation to small-town Texas, a government agency looking to infuse technology into the East Texas corridor, and, frankly, smart people looking for interesting jobs in a remote location. We have built our reputation, bit by bit, over the past two decades, by providing quality services at competitive rates. We were doing this long before the terms “near shoring” or “rural outsourcing” came into existence, and we will continue after the fad wears off; although we must admit we are glad to have such concise terms that define us and what we do!


What Does Rural Sourcing Mean to Us?

What rural sourcing means to us is that we get to have interesting, fulfilling jobs, and we also get to enjoy the quality and charms of small town living. It means that we get to provide cutting edge data conversion and S1000D services at a rate that is affordable to you. It also means, because we are located in a rural environment, that, at least initially, we often have something to prove to our customers. As such, we strive to be the best. With conversion services, we strive for near perfection, to provide our customers with near flawless conversions day after day, week after week.

For S1000D and other data standards services, it means that we actively participate on committees, in steering groups, and at consortiums, so that we become synonymous with expertise in these areas.


How Does Partnering with Pentecom Benefit You?


Of course, it means generally means competitive rates on the services we provide. But, more than that, it means that you get a company built on honesty, doing a good job, and striving for excellence. We all have families and people who we have to face after we’ve worked a long, hard day. And we want to be able to look our customers, our fellow citizens in Palestine, Tx, and the people we love and care about, in the eyes, and know that we are doing a good job, and doing work that matters.

If you are looking for conversion services, or to get your data into XML, or if you are in the military or aerospace and are looking to adopt a standard like S1000D, please give us a call. We would love to work with you.

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