Pentecom’s Experience, Expertise & Dedication to Excellence Make Us Your Go-To Vendor

Key Points


Use commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) technology to identify specific electrical components and their relationships.


Improve troubleshooting speed.


Reduce errors from manually tracing wires.


Incorporate a nonproprietary solution that simplifies efforts to maintain or update data.


Lower operating costs by eliminating maintenance errors and the costs associated with maintaining wiring data.

Viewing wire diagrams in interactive electronic technical publications (IETP) is difficult and problematic. Pentecom has a nonproprietary solution.

Interactive wire tracing erases the slow, tedious, error-prone way of thumbing through over-sized paper drawings for maintenance and troubleshooting. Most importantly, it allows users to select a path to highlight and follow circuits across multiple sheets.

How Pentecom Can Help You

Using your existing IETP viewers and 2D wiring diagrams, Pentecom’s experts add interactive wire tracing capability to your wiring data. For those without these tools and data, Pentecom’s team can still help you develop this cost saving, effective technology.

The Need for a Nonproprietary Solution

Based on our experience and customer testimonials, Pentecom’s leaders introduced a change proposal to the S1000D specification with the goal of establishing this capability as a standard. Currently, only proprietary options exist.