Meet the Dean of Pentecom University

Emily Jones was hand-picked as Pentecom University’s inaugural dean based on her experience, education, and passion for course development. Pentecom launched its newest division to respond to the need for customized training and offer the most requested courses for the technical data and publication industry.


Her resume includes nearly a decade of experience writing, editing, and developing technical manuals for U.S. Army, U.S. Air Force, and U.S. Navy contracts. She also has extensive knowledge of S1000D and Extensible Markup Language (XML).


Jones holds a bachelor’s degree in communications from the University of South Alabama and a master’s degree in education with a concentration in curriculum and instruction from Trident University.


In her new role, her goal is to help customers and industry partners “increase efficiency, shorten turnaround times and improve data quality,” Jones said.


She views training as one of the most important investments companies can make.


“Giving your team access to training shows you believe in them and want them to succeed. Employees gain knowledge and skills. Employers benefit from a more effective workplace, improved quality of work, and a stronger sense of loyalty,” said Jones.   


Already, Pentecom University has a library of courses, including S1000D Overview, S1000D Authoring, S1000D Business Rules, XML Overview, S1000D Project Manager, and Illustrations and Multimedia.


Pentecom’s subject matter experts have years of real-life experience and knowledge of S1000D, and its programs and software. They also have the skill set to train on S1000D defense requirements and can adapt training for all branches of the military.


“You can count on Pentecom University to tailor your training from content to timelines to meet your specific needs,” she said. “Let us help your program and project managers, technical writers and editors, illustrators and graphic designers improve your data quality.”


To learn more about Pentecom University, you’ll find more information and our course catalog and how to reach out to Jones or Pentecom’s Business Development Manager Susan Fort here.


About Pentecom and Pentecom University


Pentecom University is the customized training division of Pentecom Inc., and was created to meet the needs of the technical data and publication industry.


Texas-based Pentecom is an award-winning, employee-owned company specializing in simplifying complex data accurately, concisely and consistently for a host of U.S. and international customers who represent business, industry and the U.S. military. Its customized technical data conversion services are unique to each client, delivered through a team of recognized industry experts in S1000D, the worldwide specification for technical publications using a common source database.


Visit our website, LinkedIn or Facebook pages for more information. 

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