<penPal/>™: Next Level Data Conversion


Palestine, TX (January 11, 2017) – Pentecom, LLC introduces <penPal/>™ to help streamline the data conversion process.


Pentecom’s <penPal/>™: Next Level Document Conversion


Pentecom, a leader in digital conversion services for the Aerospace, Military, Government, and Defense industries, developed <penPal/>™, an internally used application suite that was designed to streamline and improve the conversion process.

“We have been converting complex technical data to many other standards and formats, primarily to S1000D and military work package standards, for years now. And for most of those years, we used conversion routines and processes built upon a pre-existing platform,” stated Kim Willmott, EVP for Pentecom. “Beginning in 2015, we wanted to redesign our conversion application in-house, from the ground up. We wanted to allow for all the setup inputs that are common across all conversion routines, while accommodating the individual nuances that all conversion projects encounter. This was no small task.”

According to Ryan Augsburger, Director of Software and IT Services for Pentecom, “<penPal/>™ is targeted to convert from paper-based sources, such as PDF, to tagged formats, specifically XML, with an emphasis on S1000D. It is designed with a flexible recognizer that uses an ‘inspection file’ that can match patterns, format, and document hierarchy to identify the data from the source, and an output specification to identify what to do with that data. The goal we have achieved with the <penPal/>™ tool is a process where we tailor a specific conversion by modifying the input inspection file and output specifications, thus greatly minimizing the need for costly code changes.”

But whence cometh the name? “We love the name <penPal/>™!” stated Kathy Rainbolt, Pentecom’s President. “The first part, “pen” is short for “Pentecom” and the last part of the name, “pal” is an abbreviation of “Palestine, Tx” where we are headquartered. Catchy and memorable!”

Closing Remarks

<penPal/>™ is currently in use on several significant conversion projects. “It will, of course, grow and evolve overtime, as all good tools should,” said Mr. Augsburger. “We have a great tool in place to make the conversion effort that much easier.”

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