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Key Points


World-class technical data consulting when you need it.


Keep us on retainer with a short- or long-term agreement.


It’s flexible, affordable and fast.


Add highly skilled problem-solvers to your team.


High-quality results completed on-time and efficiently.

Whether you need us for a few minutes, a few hours or a contracted period of time, with Pentecom’s customized service option, <onRetainer/>, you’ll get access to our expertise and knowledge. It’s flexible, affordable, and fast.

Customers rely on Pentecom for support in these areas:

  • Business Rules (BR)
  • Business Rules Exchange (BREX)
  • Data Management Lists (DMLs)
  • Standard Numbering System (SNS)
  • Requirements documentation
  • Training development and instruction
  • Interactive Electronic Technical Manual (IETM) implementation strategies
  • Common Source Data Base (CSDB) configuration
  • Applicability filtering
  • Stylesheet development
  • Policy formulation
  • White paper development
  • Conference briefings and more

S1000D Experience and Expertise

Our Pentecom experts have unmatched experience with the S1000D international standard and have used this experience on a number of pivotal projects for defense and military customers. Our leaders stay at the forefront of concept development, schema development, and specification chapter authoring.

Technical Data Consulting

Pentecom has a history of creating innovative solutions for military, business and industry customers across the globe, helping them adjust to the ever-changing requirements in technical manual specifications and standards. Our subject matter experts specialize in S1000D, U.S. Military specifications and standards, and Air Transport Association (ATA) standards.

Technical Publications Analysis

Pentecom’s subject matter experts provide document analysis and validation and help our customers set up technical authoring environments in compliance with your specific needs.

Data Auditing

As an unbiased third party, Pentecom has built a detailed and thorough data auditing process to ensure your data follows your contracted standard, business rules, and industry best practices.


Our experts will make experts out of your team through coaching, outlining best practices, and offering support and encouragement. We help your team interpret all types of technical manual specifications and advance emerging technology adoption strategies.

Pentecom’s Additional Customized Services

Other divisions offering on-demand services, include:

Pentecom University

Our training division combines Pentecom expertise with customized on-the-job training. We incorporate testing and performance tracking and offer remote and in-person educational options. Our catalog includes S1000D and XML courses – designed to meet your needs with results aimed at increasing your efficiency, turnaround time, data quality, and more. Learn more.

Publication Services

Pentecom’s team has diverse experience in military and industry documentation standardization and specifications related to electronics, airframe, ordinance, mechanical fields, and more. With a vast understanding of different publishing software and authoring tools, we excel in documentation standardization such as S1000D, and are skilled in readability of technical documentation and usability testing.