Our Headquarters – A Source of Pride and Joy

Author: Rick Schochler


As you may (or not) be aware, Pentecom recently moved into our new headquarters. It is a unique building, to say the least. Located in Palestine, Texas, it served, originally, as one of the local elementary schools, and then as the community library, before falling into disrepair.


Every facet of our headquarters tells a story. We recently invited a photographer to come in and take some pictures of our new building. We hope you enjoy a look into our headquarters!


A couple of years ago, looking for a building that could accommodate our growing company, Kim and Kathy stumbled upon this building and, to make a long story short, thought “why not?” Through creative renovation this once abandoned building has been turned into a source of pride for us, and (we hope) the community as well. Leaving the original wood floors upstairs, framed cutouts in the drywall were left to show the original floor joists and expose old chalkboards. Additionally, areas upstairs with original brick show through cracked plaster wherever they could. Another historical addition is the recovered basketball scoreboard from a nearby school (a school that both my Dad and uncle attended in their youth).

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