Our Team

Pentecom’s core experience in technical data standards, an area that requires significant experience and knowledge, allows us to make good decisions for a complex program or organization. This type of experience and knowledge cannot be absorbed through simple training or self-study. Pentecom shares our experience and guides our customers with appropriate recommendations, options, and explanations when needed.

Kathy Rainbolt



Contact Phone: 888.773.9067 – ext. 7480

Our President and co-founder, Kathy Rainbolt, provides strategic management and technical direction for nearly 50 employees providing technical data consulting and conversion services. Ms. Rainbolt is an internationally recognized and respected senior professional with over 30 years of experience in all facets of information technology including management, consulting, training, marketing, database design and implementation, systems analysis and design, and programming.

Ms. Rainbolt has integrated and implemented electronic publishing systems; imaging systems; accounting systems; secure information systems; and information management systems for federal, state, and local governments and industry. She has specific expertise in XML/SGML, standards development and policy support (particularly S1000D and United States (U.S.) military technical data standards), Interactive Electronic Technical Manuals or Publications (IETMs/IETPs), conversion to structured text and graphic formats, and publishing and viewing of standards-based technical data. Ms. Rainbolt is an active participant and leader in numerous technical data (S1000D) standards committees and working groups at both the US and international levels.

Kimberly Willmott

Executive Vice-President


Contact Phone: 888.773.9067 – ext. 7481

Our Executive Vice-President, Kimberly Willmott, has over 25 years of experience in the areas of electronic publishing standards including S1000D; markup technologies, Document Type Definition (DTD) and Schema, Formatted Output Specification Instance (FOSI), SGML, XML, and XSL-FO development; management of multiple projects in the document conversion industry, standards, and electronic publishing. Ms. Willmott currently holds the Co-chair position for the Electronic Publishing Working Group (EPWG) and is the chair for the USSIG subgroup Tools, Technologies and Markup.

    She owns two S1000D chapters:

  • S1000D 4.1 Chapter, Content Section – Maintenance Checklists and Inspections.
  • S1000D 4.1 Chapter Common Constructs – Common Information.

Bill Wendel

Director of Consulting

Contact Phone: 888.773.9067 – ext. 7489

Our Director of Consulting Services, Bill Wendel, is an internationally recognized S1000D expert and directs the resolution of any issues that may be encountered regarding compliance of converted data with S1000D and your legacy data.  Mr. Wendel has over 25 years of experience and has been intimately involved with military technical data standards and S1000D for the past 15 years.
Mr. Wendel supports the technical data community in the following capacities:

  • Secretary for the USSMG
  • Co-Chair of the Functionality Matrix/IETP Look & Feel Subproject Group
  • Member of the EPWG

He is the S1000D chapter owner and is responsible for the content of the following S1000D chapters:

  • Chapter 6.3 – Information presentation/use – Interactive electronic technical publications
  • Chapter 6.3.1 – IETP – Output specification
  • Chapter 6.4 – Information presentation/use – Functionality
  • Chapter 6.4.1 – Functionality – Background and explanation
  • Chapter 6.4.2 – Functionality – Functionality matrix

Sherry Burk

Director of Conversion Services


Contact Phone: 888.773.9067 – ext. 7482

Sherry Burk is a senior member of the Pentecom management. She has over 25 years of experience with document conversion, systems development and automation, and technical support. She has provided project management and technical support for a full range of Pentecom’s conversion capabilities. Some areas of expertise include verification and parsing of complex medical material and equations in SGML, development of programs for automated conversion to a wide range of structured document conversion formats, and development of detailed Schedules and Quality Assurance Plans. Ms. Burk has the knowledge required to make projects run smoothly from beginning to end. Her outstanding management and technical skills enable Pentecom to complete very fast-paced and technically challenging projects within budget and on schedule.

Ryan Augsburger

Director of Software and IT Services

Contact Phone: 888.773.9067 – ext. 7484

Our Director of Software and IT Services, Ryan Augsburger, is an international expert in S1000D with over 25 years of experience in Electronic Publishing Standards including S1000D; software requirements definition, development, test, and deployment; markup technologies including document conversion, Document Type Definition (DTD), SGML, XML, and eXtensible Stylesheet Language (XSL); and technical leadership and technical consulting. He also has experience in Integrated Logistic Support (ILS) standards including provisioning and logistic support analysis; Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) tools; Agile software development methodology.

Mr. Augsburger has been involved with S1000D since 2000, serving on the following committees:

  • Electronic Publications Working Group (EPWG) – Chair 2006-2012 (First non-European to hold a chairmanship position in the S1000D community); He served as U.S. Co-Vice-Chair 2004-2006
  • United States S1000D Implementation Group (USSIG) – Chair 2002-2006 – Instrumental in initial interest gathering, formation, and organization of the USSIG

He has also served on the S-Series ILS Specifications in the following capacities:

  • Vice-chair and secretary of the Data Modeling and Exchange Working Group (DMEWG) 2012 – present
  • Publication owner for SX001G Glossary for S-Series ILS Specifications.

Mr. Augsburger oversees the Pentecom software development team. He works closely with the consulting team to ensure that customer expectations are captured correctly into software requirements and with the conversion team to capture automated conversion requirements. He also oversees the Pentecom IT department, ensuring that the Pentecom computing infrastructure meets or exceeds requirements for security, configuration management, and availability.

Susan Fort

Business Development Manager

Contact Phone: 888.773.9067 – ext. 7501

Susan Fort is our Business Development Manager and has over 25 years of experience in the areas of product development; electronic publishing standards and markup technologies including document conversion; and data analysis. Susan also has a deep understanding of Document Type Definitions (DTDs), Formatted Output Specification Instances (FOSIs), SGML, XML, and XSL-FO development. She has managed multiple projects in the document conversion industry, standards, and electronic publishing for both military and industry customers.  She also has extensive experience developing information management systems and content lifecycle solutions in various vertical markets including Medical, Publishing, Education, Telecommunication, Aviation, Software, and Manufacturing.


Corinne “Corky” Rockweiler

Quality Assurance Manager

Contact Phone: 888.773.9067 – ext. 7486

Corky Rockweiler has over 18 years of experience in the technical publications field and is an expert on related U.S. military and international standards and specifications. She has extensive experience in business rule development in an S1000D environment and has been the initial developer of corresponding Business Rules Exchange (BREX) data modules for various U.S. military services, commands, and programs.
Ms. Rockweiler is currently an active member for the following S1000D committees:

  • Electronic Publications Working Group (EPWG) where she is the delegated backup maintainer for the S1000D default BREX
  • Business Rules Working Group (BRWG) where she was instrumental in the development of the business rules document (brDoc) Schema for Issue 4.2
  • Implementation Guide Task Team (IGTT)
  • Data Samples Working Group (DSWG)
  • S1000D Modularization Task Team (SMTT)