S1000D ISSUE 4.2

Pentecom Contributes To S1000D ISSUE 4.2

Pentecom congratulates the S1000D community on the publication of S1000D Issue 4.2 and recognizes the contributions of our staff to the continued evolution of the international standard for technical publications utilizing a common source data base. S1000D Issue 4.2 was released earlier this month and represents the next step in the evolution of technical data management.

    Pentecom’s involvement included:

  • Our President, Kathy Rainbolt, was responsible for Chapter 2.5.3, Business rule decision points index (originally introduced in Issue 4.1).
  • Our Executive Vice President, Kim Willmott, was responsible for Chapter, Content Section – Maintenance Checklists and Inspections and Chapter Common Constructs – Common Information.
  • Our Director of Consulting Services, Bill Wendel, participated in chapter reviews and created and wrote the chapter changes for Change Proposal Forms (CPFs)
    • 2008-035US (Information attributes – editorial)
    • 2009-044US (Remove/Change OBE Functionalities)

    Mr. Wendel also wrote:

    • Chapter 6.4, Information presentation/use – Functionality
    • Chapter 6.4.1, Functionality – Background and explanation
    • Chapter 6.4.2, Functionality – Functionality matrix
  • Our Director of Software and IT Services, Ryan Augsburger, created and wrote the chapter changes for CPFs
    • 2013-020US (limitTypeValue case is inconsistent)
    • 2013-025US (Fault Isolation Enhancements)
  • One of our Senior Technical Data Standards Specialists, Corinne “Corky” Rockweiler, authored CPF 2009-112IGBRTT (BR relationships), which initiated the business rules relationship spreadsheet and ultimately became the source for the new brDoc Schema. She also contributed to the creation, revisions, and testing of the new Issue 4.2 brdoc Schema.
    Ms. Rockweiler is an active participant in the Electronics Publications Working Group (EPWG) and the Business Rules Working Group (BRWG) and assisted with the following CPFs:

    • 2009-134IGBRTT (BR identification)
    • 2009-133IGBRTT (BR – markup)
    • 2009-123IGBRTT (BR severity levels)
    • 2009-122IGBRTT (BR – publications)

    Ms. Rockweiler contributed to the following 4.2 Chapters:

    • Chap 4.10.1, Business rules exchange – Business rules document data module
    • Chap, Content section – Maintenance checklists and inspections
    • Chap 2.5.3, Business rules – Business rule decision points index
    • Chap Schema – Change Summary
  • Several Pentecom team members also play critical roles on the United States S1000D Management Group (USSMG), where they analyzed and provided technical and requirements input to numerous CPFs and process decisions associated with the content and production of Issue 4.2.

Pentecom’s involvement in the newly published S1000D Issue 4.2 is illustrative of our commitment to the future of technical data standards. The expertise we provide and gain from our contributions to international standards activities can be brought to bear to help you and your organization improve your data and ease your path to becoming S1000D proficient.


Pentecom, LLC is a woman-owned small business headquartered in Palestine, TX. We are experts in technical data consulting, offer flawless SGML and XML conversion, and have over 20 years of successful experience. For more information, visit us at

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