Pentecom Experiences Growing Pains!

Palestine, Tx. (March 12, 2016) – Pentecom, LLC, a leader in S1000D-related services, is currently renovating a historic elementary school and former town library, in order to serve as its new headquarters.

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“Because of our recent growth, we had been on the lookout for a building that could serve as our headquarters” said Kim Wilmott, Executive Vice President of Pentecom. “It needed to have room for us to expand, and we knew we wanted something unique. So, when we found that the old Alamo Elementary School building was available, we thought that it could be a great fit for us, and vice versa.”

“It hasn’t been without it’s challenges,” added Kathy Rainbolt, President of Pentecom. “Older buildings like this one need a lot of TLC, and that’s just what we intend to provide.” Renovations continue at a rapid pace, with former classrooms being converted to offices and collaborative areas to facilitate Pentecom’s mission.

“For those unfamiliar with Pentecom, we convert and digitize information. This legacy information might be on paper, or in PDF or MS Word format, or in an older technical format. We convert that data so that it can be more useful, and more easily consumed by today’s computers and end-users. For example, we often take older technical maintenance data, usually for aircraft, ships, and vehicles, and convert it to S1000D, and electronic standard that allows such data to be read and displayed by computers, as well as exchanged between all of the groups who need it in order to support a particular piece of equipment.”

“We have been at the forefront of S1000D adoption in the United States for years now, and we hope to continue to remain in a leadership role for many years to come. Our expansion into our new headquarters makes this possible”, stated Ms. Willmot.

Opportunity to Contribute


“As a side-note, we are looking to decorate the interior with historical photos of the interior and exterior of the building. So, if you have some old photos, please stop by and share them with us!”


Renovations will continue throughout the summer. Look for a grand opening and celebration sometime later in 2016. Until then, friend Pentecom on Facebook in order to see pictures of the building’s progress.


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