Pentecom Hires Luke Simon to Lead Quality Assurance Efforts

Pentecom Inc. announces Luke Simon as the company’s new quality assurance (QA) director.


In this role he will formalize the company’s QA processes.


“There are a number of procedures already in place,” said Simon. Our next step will be to further define them in our quest to move toward true quality assurance – preventing errors before they happen.”

Simon and his team are creating short-term and long-term goals for both the QA division and the company. Once the current methodology is updated and documented, the team will begin reaching out to Pentecom’s other divisions to help develop steps and metrics to fit their workload. In the future, Simon believes Pentecom will have a product to offer customers to help build their own QA procedures.


“There’s a familiar business saying by management guru Peter Drucker, “If you can’t measure something you can’t manage it,” he added. “We want to show our customers that we have documented processes and metrics in place.”


“Delivering an excellent product is already deeply woven into the fabric of Pentecom’s 26 years of existence,” said Kathy Rainbolt, CEO. “By bringing Luke into this critical position, we are clearly signaling Pentecom’s dedication to quality and adhering to the standards we support.”


Simon, who resides in Tampa, Fla., is one of Pentecom’s remote employees. He is an experienced product support and technical publications leader who worked with Northrop Grumman in Melbourne, Fla., for nearly a decade in its Defense Systems and Aeronautics Systems sectors.


About his move to the technical data analysis and conversion industry, Simon said he was impressed with Pentecom’s leadership and their vision. He added that, Pentecom’s philosophy to put people first and the opportunity to work closer to his family, were key factors in accepting the position.


“Luke has a proven record in improving operations, logistical and technical processes. We believe he will bring a new level of proficiency throughout Pentecom and be key in developing additional services to offer our customers,” said Caleb Byrd, chief operating officer.

Simon earned two bachelor’s degrees, one in writing and one in English at the University of Tampa.

Headquartered in Palestine, Texas, Pentecom specializes in technical data analysis and conversion. More than half of its 100-plus employees work remotely.


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