Pentecom’s Conversion Services Team Exceeds 28 Billion Keystrokes

By Sherry Burk

Conversion Services Director


If you’re active on social media, you’ve most likely seen the hashtag #LoveWhereYouWork. Today, I can add to the list of reasons why I love working with Pentecom.


Recently Pentecom recognized a select group of members from our Conversion Services division. These employees consistently meet their goals and go the extra mile to meet customer schedules. Ultimately, they guarantee Pentecom’s precision data testing, one character at a time.


It dawned on us when we were changing how we analyze production between projects that what we do daily had to add up to millions of keystrokes.


Boy, were we wrong. It was so much more! Billions more. We discovered we had more than a few members to recognize – we had dozens. And it was more than millions of keystrokes made by our honorees, the number exceeded 28 billion!


Keystroke Kudos

So, we created a Keystroke Kudos event where we gave a shout out to our members, highlighted their accomplishments, and then celebrated with ice cream before going back to work.


From our newest data technicians to our most seasoned professionals – our benchmark started at 1 million, with nine members pressing more than 1 billion. Of course, we can’t count every keystroke or even activity on every project but what we can capture is impressive.


Just to put this in perspective, it takes the average full-time data technician one year to achieve 1 million keystrokes in our industry. Remember, we do more than transcribe. Our data technicians review published documents character by character to identify and correct errors.


Here are our inaugural honorees willing to be listed by category:


1 Million: Shelia Blackmon and Shara Smith

5 Million: Dolly Applegate, Jessica Musick, Toni Roberson, and TraVey Robinson

10 Million: Bailey Perry

20 Million: Sarah Hildenbrand, Amber Lamb, Melissa Marshall, Haylee Morrow, and Harlin Sutton-Warrington

30 Million: Kenneth Chumley

50 Million: Kendra Osmer

60 Million: Sherry Chaffin and Jennifer Dowgill

70 Million: Lisa Phelps

100 Million: Maggie Furnish, Shannon Phelps, Russell Primm, and Alicia Wardell

500 Million: Miria Dean

1 Billion: Linda Allgor, Maleah Cain, Katherine Lawhorne, Madison Mayhugh, Aaron Peek, Stacy Richardson, and Gina Schwingdorf

5 Billion: Jerri Altman


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