Small Business Perks

Author: Pat Platt


Working with a small business, like Pentecom, is different than working with a large corporation. While a big corporation can usually complete your job successfully, when you work with a small company, your project receives attention directly from the top executives (at Pentecom, it’s our President and Executive Vice-President), as well as the Project Manager.


In a small company, employees often wear several hats; they may have several duties. Sometimes these duties overlap (Director of Consulting Services, Project Lead), but other times they do not (Contracts, Security Officer). Regardless, wearing multiple hats allows an employee to be aware of different aspects of a project and enables Pentecom to provide better service on each project. As one of the individuals who wear several different hats, I can tell you that it brings greater job satisfaction, and keeps my job exciting because I am able to perform different types of tasks each day.


At Pentecom, no project is deemed unimportant; every project is viewed as if it is the most important project that we have. We strive to make sure that we do our best work for each project and our President and Executive Vice-President are either hands-on working on the project OR they are inquiring about the project status on a weekly basis. They are available to provide their advice and insight on how best to proceed whenever a question arises on a project; as well as participate in meetings with the customer if required.


The advantages in working with a small company, such as Pentecom, are illustrated in the following table:



Being a small company means that all our projects are a team effort. The Conversion group works closely with the Consulting group and both groups work very closely with the Programming group.


Working with a small company means that your project will not get lost in the bureaucracy that exists in a large company. When you need to get in touch with the President, Executive Vice-President, or the manager of your project, you have immediate access to them; you do not have to go through a gate-keeper. You deal with top-level management who have known about your project from the start; not with executives who are just now learning about your project and have to be brought up to speed on your project.


If these advantages sound like what your company needs, contact us today! We would appreciate the opportunity to show you what small business perks we can offer you and your company.

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