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Meet the Dean of Pentecom University

Emily Jones was hand-picked as Pentecom University’s inaugural dean based on her experience, education, and passion for course development. Pentecom launched its newest division to respond to the need for customized training and offer the most requested courses for the technical data and publication industry….

How to Organize a Project

Over the years, I have tinkered, struggled, and experimented with project organization. I fell into managing projects, like many people, by accident. I was serving as a business analyst and developer, and sometime technical lead, on projects with a consulting firm specializing in content management systems….

The Art of Wearing Multiple Hats

A small business frequently requires its employees to become adept at tasks and skills outside of their initial comfort zone. Perhaps a sports analogy is warranted: Big college football programs can afford to recruit specialized players. The Ohio States, University of Texas, and Alabamas of…